Not Like This

Who are you to judge me when your shit is no better?

At least I’m courageous enough to walk my path,

I adapt through the judgmental storms of any weather.

So why even try to get back together?

Inconsistently proving to me it’s pleather,

As synchronized as the lone feather, 

Maturing through my frustrations and pulling myself together;

Because I promised the next time around, 

I would release you once and for all and let her.

Finally step into the role of false promises and lingering desires,

Passionate long nights but when dawn peaks you ghostly retire,

Is it only a bedroom fire? 

I can feel your soul leaving your body as our bodies float higher,

Intimidated by my ability to manifest all I acquire,

But how could that be true when you are the flame who set my heart on fire?

Stone cold lips for the fucking liar,

Mirroring the ugliest parts of me which is why I cannot deny him.

Praying daily for your return to the castle,

I won’t even stress myself with the hassle,

If she wants to continue to be on the end of your lassel,

I shift my tassel to pass off the baton that continues to leave me rattled,

Because how can I give you access to a sacred place when for others you make me the fool?

Naïve to the Spiritual lessons upon you for being so dimensionally rude.

To not cherish the ground of the Queen you called in,

Chasing the halls for years but hesitant to release your sins,

But if this is how and where it ends,

I bet I won’t do this again,

Not like this.

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