No one can steal my joy

Every day, I wake up and employ

Myself to You.

Anything I wish, you quickly make come true

All you ask of me is to remain true

To the higher version I am,

A mirrored reflection of You.

Oh, all I been through has made me grow

Now I can confidently let my Spirit show

When the impact is felt,

I don’t up and go

To the all lower vibrations projected on me,

I refrain from allowing my shadow to show.

Liberated at last by the message

Divinely sent

No second guessing

Released all the heaviness I was repressing

Opening my arms to receive this abundant blessing,

Of peace.

For I’ve had a perspective shift

Off again upon Beloved’s cliff

Hanging on with courage as my pride begins to stiff

It’s always bumpy on the ride up

But in order to be High,

You gotta take a lift.

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