Moore of How I Do What I Do

Often, I am asked, how do I stay in high vibration?

So here is Moore information on how I do what I do.

I. When I feel low vibrational; I receive, embody, navigate, master, & then transform through it.

There is no reason for me to pretend to be in a vibration to satisfy or validate the ego of another. If my low vibration or dark demeanor offends then it is of no issue to ask me to leave; or simply do so yourself. I honor how I feel when I feel it. I am open to experience all vibrations of love and at times, to maintain balance, I must fall low. I do not sabotage myself or anyone else by projecting them vibrations on others by reacting or antagonizing. I disconnect and vibrate on the low end because once I learn how to navigate through I master to the 100’s!

II. I communicate this vibration for the awareness of others and my Higher Self.

I am aware of how toxic, low vibrational, and intense I am and for the impact of the collective, I create the proper boundaries to communicate such. I reach out to everyone I love to let them know I may be unavailable, I close my business for the day, I create physical space between myself and others, before I disconnect from social media to not influence any one else’s energy.

III. I say and mean “no”; and when I decide to change my mind, I inform everyone!

With new information, a shift in perspective, time + maturity; you are able to create healthy boundaries around what energies you accept freely and one’s you rather reject. I know when I mean no and when I am unsure, I say so. I am not afraid to let others know when my perspective or opinion has changed because I can defend myself with facts and feelings.

IV. I am Spiritual and Human; at the same damn time.

I faithfully devote myself to Spiritual studies, Astrology, Meditation, and Prayer to remain grounded and true to my beliefs. When curious, I question everything; which is everyday! When sure, I stand firmly and when conflicted, I seek clarity. I do not remain in confusion about the Spiritual being I identify as. I am a Humanitarian. I love to connect, bond, relate, service and work with other humans. I allow myself to physically be present. I take great care of my physical body through nutrition, a healthy sleeping pattern, and a strong self care routine. I move gracefully and express my inner child through dance and light hearted activities.

I hope this information empowers you to rise to Moore of your highest potential.


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