Collective Energy Reading


(Left to right)

Say What You Mean

Is This Me?

The Creator


(Left to right )

Dark Mirror by Laura Sava

Osho Zen Tarot by St Martins Press

Heal Yourself Reading Cards by Inna Segal

Collective Guidance:

Collectively, we are all walking away from low vibrations, people, places, attachments, habits, and routines.
Removing old material items and outdated values which no longer resonate with who we are.
Withdrawing more from the human experience and moving into a space of seeking Spiritual, Religious, or personal enlightenment and empowerment.
Whatever your source of power, now is the time to discover it.
What use to serve us now bores and may make us slightly uncomfortable.
Un-conforming and shedding layers which are mere projections of those who have led us to our present manifestations; ourselves are the only ones who can genuinely provide all the support we need.
It is about the balance of public and private.
Dismantling old foundations which needed to crumble in order for new opportunities, energies, connections, and karmic energy to flow in.
Expanding beyond our own limitations, we are mustering courage we didn’t know lied so deeply within us.
Screaming louder at the unfair and injustice; liberate yourself from whatever creates the heaviness of judgement, shame, or deception.
We are not what we experience.

We are align with what we manifest.
Clear your heavy thoughts.
Push forward, positively as you become more of yourself.
Continue to develop your boundaries and stand firmly against the chaos sent to test your will.
Secure yourself in all the shadow you are.
Let go of what hurts to hold.
Open up about how you genuinely feel.
Dedicate time to resting during this recovery process before Fall’s harvest.
Honor your intuition and recall all your power as you rise to your call.
Show compassion for all others because the energy has influence on us all.
This year is about home, foundation + achievement, and self esteem.
Allow things to freely flow in and out of your life as they should.
Beg none for permission to express your highest vibration because the power is only yours to exert.
Devote more time to your daily Self Care rituals and routines.
As we move from Summer, closer to Fall solstice, I send love to help raise the collective vibration because we all are deserving of so much more.
The time for us to save ourselves is now.
Are you ready?

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