A Mother of Two By 2.

Before I judged and it was all because I had no real concept of what it was.
But now that I’ve been there, the heartache and loss I won’t even share.
I understand how much you had to care.
About yourself to take another pair.
To constantly ignore the heavy stares.
From outsiders questioning your affairs.
When honestly, why do they glare?
Do they know you saw signs in number one and thought differently of two?
Naive to all the experiences you had to go through.
To have the courage to carry for a new boo.
Now, I was one too, but now that my one lesson has turned into two.
I’m honestly sure I am not through.
So the whispers I push through as I move on to a new love.
I encourage everyone to do whatever shifts them from above.
Procreating is rendered in love but some times that’s not the intentional case.
Some desire the partner and the chase.
Oblivious to the karmic race.
Letting the fear of the voice from the world keep you trapped in a place.
That does not deserve another.
If you have to carry for 20 others.
I stand behind you because I am aware of how much you really carried to protect the other.
Crazy that all the world saw was a lover.
Knowing nothing forreal because even some you haven’t discovered.
From my personal experience, I suggest to others,
Know more about the second before you feed into your hormonal thunder.

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