The Luvers

Youโ€™ve stirred up my stew

I guess in distance

That small heart grew

Through all the false positives

You remained true

At least to the opportunity

To align with me

So I can grow with you.

Right out the blew

Off like the shoe

That flew off my feet when you returned

Based on all the new shit Iโ€™ve learned

I think Iโ€™ve earned you.

In energy, to say the least

Seems like youโ€™ve conquered that toxic beast

But so have I

Look, I donโ€™t wanna deny that I still feel this high

For the new version of this guy

That had my head and ass in the sky

Traveling across lands I thought I was denied

Activating the passion in my 8th house of Gemini

& Since the position needs fulfillment

Sir, where can I apply?

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