7 | 28 | 2020

Do you really wanna come out of the cold?
Have the experiences around the sun made you feel old?
Have you reflected on all the bold nights you left me cold?
Instead of elevation, you wanted to hit the bottom floor.
Do you know what is in store?
Are you honestly sure?
That, the heavy weight I am, you can endure?
Replenished from our toxicity so you feel new.
But are you showing up as the one or another lesson to grow through?
Your cup use to make me feel full.
But you wanted to dip your foot in the pool.
Exercised passionately your tool.
Went against all our rules.
But I did too.
I misbehaved just as bad as you.
If we being true.
It’s hard to escape.
The intense feeling of fate.
I felt when I landed for our first date.
Not many can relate.
Conflicted; my heart & mind need to debate.
I’m worth the wait so you will.
This time, I’m applying my wisdom & skill.
Not down for a temporary thrill.
I wanna give your soul chills.
But can you handle how triggering that feels?
& Before I get all in my feels.
I need more time to feel my feels.
Feel me?

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