3:02 AM

Venus Day


What is happening in their brain?

What potential energy do they contain? 

On the rope of curiosity, I refuse to hang.

So please come out and make it plain.

I am too dimensional to be a Jane.

Transmuting the energy that causes emotional pain.

Distancing myself from feeling insane.

From today forward, things will never be the same.

Because I decided to call off the riot.

Instead, my inner passion has been ignited.

The intense feeling of love I can’t deny it.

A different strategy, I gotta try it.

Disappointment is a heavy stinch, so I cannot hide it.

Open to the endless possibilities of the Universe.

I am finally ready for this adventurous ride. 

Choosing love over pride.

Learning more about where I can really confide.

From my shadow side, I never hide.

From my lower self, I can divide.

Cut my heart open wide.

Recounting all the times I tried.

I can feel Beloved by my side.

The school of life, I applied.

Funded by a full ride.

Getting a better stride.

Into home base I glide.

Floating on thin air, I’m fried.

There is no reason to be mad.

Grateful for all of the experiences I’ve been honored to have.

Before I leave, I fill the smallest bag.

Foolishly, I removed the tag.

Trust me, there is no reason to brag.

Silencing the little hag.

Waving my white flag.

In honor of my surrender,

Please consider me, as your number contender.

I know that like other humans, I am a natural born sinner.

Heal my battered heart that the wolves continue to eat for dinner. 

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