Oh, it is I who is miserable?

But we can look at your physical,

& See how you are doing.

Deteriorating in size; he’s ruined.

He couldn’t muster the courage to get through it.

So I had to get to it & move.

No need to spew lies, look at his home, there lies the truth,

Hoarding more than secrets, rats through the walls & roof,

Confined to his own facade but nah baby, we know the truth.

Sheltered as a child, so it’s clear why he’s so wild,

I feel so sorry for his child,

Hoping she rejects his style,

Because his fashion is not aligned,

A man of integrity, that’s just not his kind,

Can’t even afford to wine & dine,

But wants me to soothe him & he whines his time.

Fuck you, leave my presence,

Away with you devil,

I forbid your essence.

Such a blessing the lesson,

Friends w/ benefits, karmic testing,

It’s finally cleared, there will be no regression,

I ain’t tryna expose him , this is just my open ended confession.

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