1:23 AM 🕯✨

Kind even when they see it as weak.
Aware that I am the real big bad wolf & I promise they’re just the sheep.
Naive to my psychic abilities, so still on me they sleep.
In the night, they continue to creep.

That’s why the creeps they know become exposed.
Showing you the wings of who you chose.
Cuz that bird flocks closely for a reason.
Instead of investing, my assets he left freezing.

Upset when I am not the reason we are here.
He made his position clear.
When this union, away from it he continued to steer. So no longer shall I be silenced.
I am not in fear.

My truth, I want all to hear.
Be aware, for who you let near.
Look closer in the mirror my Dear.
It’s always someone close, whispering poison in your ear.

So go inside & remain silent.
Resort to your private island.
Where no one is ever invited.
Keep the fire ignited.

Because that’s what they despise.
Ignore their immature cries.
Allow them to continue to spew lies.
Continue to move forward with extreme stride.
They lack the basic foundation of integrity.
That’s why their inside is so filled with ego & pride.

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