11:23 PM

I spray Febreeze,

To create sort of an ease,

Because the weak may sneeze,

Grandparents may wheeze,

While I stand in rotation,

So I can puff puff & pass, please.

My mind is finally at ease,

Been through a bunch of shit you wouldn’t believe,

Spiritual warrior, do you see the badges of honor on my sleeves?

All of my essentials I retrieve,

When it’s deemed time for me to leave,

Crying so hard, it’s difficult to breathe,

But I’m not one to beg, never been one to plead.

I mean, am I in love?

Have I ever been?

I finally conquered all the land of my forbidden sins.

At the loss of one of my twins,

I felt like it ignited karmic revenge,

As I continued to dope up the syringe.

To shoot up my own lobby,

Toxic cycles became my hobby,

No longer “why me?”

You can consider me free,

The judge heard my cry & plea,

She judged the situation & it was in favor of me,

Because I finally cleared my karma,

The power on experience number 3.

Big B,

Capital but it’s for Bumble,

Arrogantly humble,

I’m happy he fumbled,

So now the facade can crumble,

So lifted I stumble,

Are you ready to rumble?

Over the mic he screams,

I thought I was the woman of his dreams?

But when you don’t practice faith, you marry fear,

Sorry for you my Dear,

I release you to make the path clear,

Oh Divine Lover, I am wide open & right here!

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