High, so I have no complaints,

Free, so I feel no restraints,

Moving further away from the heavy angst.

Oh how times have changed,

Feeling things I can’t explain,

Coming to conclusions that were in plain,

Sight but I couldn’t see,

Unsure of exactly what it could be,

Relying on my intuition for answers;

Ultimately, all I have is me.

So I allowed things to flow as they should,

Because for once, I can say I understood,

How all of this was for my greater good.

So in solitude I stand,

Flying off into wonderland,

Energy considered high demand,

Minding my business & defining the plan.

I am on a higher path,

Taking my time to do the math,

Grateful for everything I lost & everything I had,

Recognizing the good in the bad,

The happiness in the feeling sad,

Happy about the energy I exude,

Time to turn it up a tad.

* Poetic Snap *

9:04 PM


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