Don’t call me a Writer,

I’m a Linguistic Fighter,

A Metaphysical Typewriter,

Passion igniter,

One hell of an experience provider.

See unique in how I perform,

Not worried about trends,

So I fail to conform,

Heavy in my physical form,

I’ve made a decision, I am no longer torn,

Manifesting my own fantasy, no need for porn.

This message I had to deliver,

My intentions are pure,

I am a firm believer,

The woman in the mirror I decided to not deceive her,

Hygiene always impeccable but this version is much cleaner.

3 thoughts on “3:47

  1. Hi Lovely! I just want to let you know that on the APP it’s really hard to follow you because there isn’t a “follow” bottom appearing. I had to log onto my computer to do so. Just giving you a heads up beautiful ❤

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