1:47 AM

I no longer wanna hide

Behind my ego and my pride

Releasing all the pain I feel inside

Tossing and turning

So I must divide.

See Lorraine & her love, Joe

I wish they learned how to let go

Of their toxic ways

& Man it showed

Detached from their roles

Inevitably moving slow.

Eventually Joe went on to rise

That was the beginning of our demise

I thought Lorraine was always the prize

But she was empty

Not even tryna hide.

Her priorities were out of place

Sometimes she would smack me in the face

For deadbeat men she wanted to chase

To fill herself

Lost in outer space.

Almost a decade now,

& Nothing has changed

It’s still, the same

Victimized Lorraine.

On the sideline

So hard to contain

Reliving suppressed trauma

Wrecking my brain.

I thought Lorraine was a model

Shook, it was a hard pillow to swallow

Aware that she was not the type to follow

Stuck in the 90’s her life so shallow.

Invading all of my things

Constantly pouring salt upon my dreams

If it’s not for her

She’s cold and mean

How could she ever do some of those things?

She left me to defend my innocent soul

Lost in the sauce

Out of control

Until Beloved grabbed a hold

At 27 years of age, she started to mold.

Constantly playing the victim

Ignoring all of the symptoms

Finally dancing to my own rhythm

Redesigning my family prism.

Shattering the image that I was

So upset all because

She knew exactly who she was

She was the first person, I learned to not trust.

So when they speak on how I became

I beg that they don’t applaud Lorraine

In person and online she is not the same

Rose to awareness on my own

& I can only thank Ms. Lorraine.

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