2:34 AM

Feeling confined & constrained,

No longer can I contain,

The gigantic ego has taken over your brain,

At this point, I just break free,

My energy I can no longer exchange.

So unfair & unjust,

& Things for you I did just because,

Beloved has shattered all illusions of what this was,

Just another rendition of karmic love.

I drew the line & still you crossed,

Disrespected my heart you coldly tossed,

The heads of the coin,

Signified the loss,

I cannot be controlled,

I am my own boss.

All I asked was to be considered,

But instead of the beautiful treasure,

You decided it was trash & continued to litter,

Learning to walk away from anything I doubt & cannot reconfigure.

I wanted love, you wanted ego,

So our scene must close, go figure.

I guess this wasn’t what I thought,

Choosing myself first,

I proudly fought,

To stand in my power & finally I caught,

Myself from falling into situations that I was toxic-ally taught.


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