I place my hips upon his boat and slowly I row,

Thatโ€™s why I didnโ€™t notice,

I was bouncing on my toes,

On the lap of the Captain,

Naive I didnโ€™t know.

That,experience he lacked,

So far far away we had sailed,

My man couldnโ€™t navigate back.

& The waves began to rise,

I felt under attack,

Without a doubt knowing,

No worries,

The Captain,

He got the map.


See he prepared to jump the ship ,

Mutually feelings we donโ€™t share.

Prematurely I express,

The sandbags weighing on my chest,

Because I thought my best,

….. Friend would never test,


But now I have to accept,

That Iโ€™ve been in this by myself ,

He knew my fear was to drown,

But he only saved his fucking self.

By Orisha Sevyn

Divine Spirit | Mother | BS | MBA HR + PA | Spiritual Leader | Greetings! I am here to speak my truth & resonate w/ those who need a little Moore guidance. ๐Ÿฆ‹โœจ

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