Let me shine my light on your life

Your energetic equal

Your Spiritual Wife.

& This journey was Hell

But let me give you some advice,

There’s still time to clear your karmic debt regardless of the price.

Take my hand, I’m here to stay

At times when you’re in your worst form

Or just the times you want to play.

So consider my proposition,

Check my credentials

So many things I’ve failed to mention.

In fear of this reality,

Because it smells good and glistens.

Like his shiny pearl of passion

Thoroughly enjoying our nights of action

Victory is mine

I, Spiritually made it happen.

Round of Applause

Baby get to clappin’.

So the V at the beginning

O, is the ending

Being blessed from all my sinnin’

If I’m a mental patience, check me into his clinic.

So love me through all my flaws

Even through my storms,

He keeps me calm

Holding my heart in his palm

Couldn’t identify that loud noise

Until he noticed that I was the bomb.

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