Dear Young Me

Dear young me.

I apologize for what you didn’t see.

For all of the things they told you, you couldn’t be.

I was so happy at the very moment that you decided to break free.

I am she.

She is me.

Being more secure at your roots like a tree.

Signs and synchronicities don’t always appear in three.

But back to you finally listening to me.

Standing firm in your power.

Buzzing loudly like the bee.

Because the Queen you’ve always been.

You were actually pretty young; the tender age of ten.

Digging deeper and going further within.

Admitting my wrongs and sowing my sins.

Finally decided to go on a cleanse.

Remove the things that increased the weight.

Keeping me from a steady levitate.

Why was I waiting?

No longer would I wait.

It is never too late to step into fate.

You just have to have the courage to meet your higher self at your Spiritual gate.