As my dreams manifest,

I continue to attest,

How the magic within the Universe is the best,

Once you learn to rest.

Relax and let things go,

So abundance can usher in and flow,

Itโ€™s not even about Religion,

Itโ€™s about what you know,

& If youโ€™re naive, ask the Universe to step in and show.

Show you whatโ€™s your mission,

Stay present,

Please donโ€™t go missing,

Shatter the walls of your mental prison,

Allow yourself to feel the heat of Karmas kitchen,

Quiet yourself and grant yourself some time to listen.

Iโ€™m a witness to the magic,

The sudden shift when all of the things I truly wanted started to happen,

Round of applause,

Celebrate with clapping,

I say with conviction,

If you believe, I promise things will happen.

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