Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself. . . . Please!

Check Yourself!

I check myself, all the time.

When I want to verify a piece of information, I check myself.

When I feel myself, reacting and not responding, I check myself.

I check myself.

You can check for yourself but I check myself, always.

I am only in control of my own responses to life’s experiences.

I choose to respond and not react; to remain calm in the face of chaos.

Check yourself!

Check your seat before you sit.

Check your appearance before you leave.

Check your work before you submit.

Check your status.

Check yourself to know for yourself.

But also check yourself!

Check your tone, body language, and energy.

Check your attitude.

Check yourself so no one else can ever say they had to.

Remain aligned and do not get out of sync.

My best advice is to check yourself before you wreck yourself.

7:43 PM



Moon in Libra

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