9 | 1 | 19

Today is the beginning,

Walking away from karmic cycles and painful endings,

Cleansing myself of the debris from the consequences of my sinnin’,

Thanking the Universe for always covering me, I finally feel like I’m winnin’.

Victory I continue to claim,

As beautiful Justice comes in,

I can hear her whisper between the wind,

Arms wide open as I walk in.


Allowing things to flow, moving away from stagnation of the chase,

Detoxing and rejuvenating, as I sit and patiently wait,

As all of my wishes are being fulfilled,

Because I know this time is precise, so none of it I will waste.

I feel brand new, I’m redefined,

Becoming more potent over the illusion of time,

Aligning with my Higher Self, becoming more delicate and kind,

I feel more like the Moon but I still allow myself to shine.

No longer blind to the truth,

Saturn arrived and all illusions go, poof!

Standing firm within my truth,

Piecing all of my pieces together, sitting in peace, no longer aloof.

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