Sunday Morning

I sit & try to define,

All of the different type of lines,

That help bind all of the things I’ve fallen blind,

Realizing this was no longer the kind,

Of experience I had in mind,

So it was time for me to put behind,

The illusions & things that shined,

& Finally awaken to the beauty of my inner Divine.

Under the sun & the moon,

I shine.

So I hope you do not mind,

This time, I took my time,

When I sat down to manifest and combine,

The specifics of the dream I vividly painted in my mind.

No longer going blind,

To the things that have hurt me behind,

Even when I was fair & so kind,

Disregarding that I am delicate;

Idiosyncratically; one of a kind.

Growing from the bloody thorns,

Appreciating all of the petals torn,

Because they no longer fit my form,

Since I could no longer conform,

I don’t even mean to toot my own horn.

Moving on from the storms that won’t pass,

Feeling empowered;

Jetting off, I gotta blast!

As now, finally, at last,

I learned how to laugh,

When I notice a fork in the road along my path,

Thanking Beloved that I finally grasped,

Control of my ego,

To stop falling victim to the past,

At last.

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