There you are ,

& Here am I,

Exposing all of the feelings I cannot deny,

Being confident , no need to be shy,

Appreciating the chiseled masterpiece,

That you are reflecting from the sky.

Remaining faithful in fear because,

I never pretend to be anything but exactly what I was.

So who am I?

I daily ask.

Taking the time to walk the path,

That leads to cornucopia in a field of grass,

Completing cycles and now time is moving fast.

Standing firm against the tower,

Seems like they’re falling, like every hour,

So I root myself deep in my power,

& Grow.

Allowing all emotions to flow,

Not resisting, screaming “Yes! I wanna go!”

So take me higher, across the plain,

A roaring lioness you cannot tame,

Reactions to my emotions are all to blame.

7:11, across my screen,

I finally know what all this means,

Learning to be free in my highest scream,

I am your biggest fan,

& You are the one I dream.

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