No Moore.

I just wish you understood,

The depths of my boundaries,

But even if you could,

I sincerely doubt you ever would,

So alongside myself I proudly stood.

I choose me over all else,

Born as one,

I’ll pass with just myself.

Learning to break my attachment from everyone else,

To become connected to infinite sources of abundance,

That I continue to leave hanging on the shelf.

So no longer can I explain,

Or work myself up to overly drain,

Parts of my heart that I strongly refrained,

From showering over you because, well just let me explain.

My love is pure in the rawest fashion,

Combined with compassion,

It’s beyond fantastic.

Genuine & authentic but you’re so use to plastic.

I thought you could handle it but it’s a reason you can’t grasp it.

Out your league that’s for sure,

Not pointing the finger,

But this time I’m sure,

That I’m becoming ill & the only cure,

Is to heal myself in the distance across the shore.

My guards are up, I can take no more.

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