2:34 AM 7/27/2019

Walking away from self deception,

Activated survival mode,

I am my own protection.

Popular vote with no election,

This sudden shift was so unexpected.

Breaking free of all the titles,

Oppressed by America,

So I’m no Idol,

Tribal & tradition,

Just doing & no longer asking for permission.

No longer dimming my light,

Blindly, I glisten.

Under pressure I became the shine,

Using my intuition to help change my mind,

This dimension has been so brutal but so sweet & kind,

As one journey comes to close,

The next one is titled “mine”.

Aligned & so empowered,

9 of Swords,

Beyond waking hours,

Shattering all facades & unstable towers,

No longer in fear of all this power.

Feeling high, I’m breaking free,

Mentally conflicted by the infinite possibility,

Started as one but now I’m three,

Beloved I am ready,

I’m ready to see!


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