Werd of the Day

Over the next 70 days, I will present my own version of popular word of the day.

Today’s word is:



A line that marks the limits of an area; a dividing line.

To set boundaries, we must learn to express when something or someone:

  • Has come to close or gone too far.
  • Has been too aggressive or too harsh.
  • Is no longer allowed to engage in a specific behavior.
  • Is emotionally, physically, or mentally exhausting and we no longer want to indulge or experience.
  • Has pushed us too far.
  • Has made us uncomfortable.
  • Has gotten too personal, too public, or too private.

Things to remember when it comes to boundaries:

Setting boundaries is a form of Self Love and shouldn’t be taken personally.

As adults, we must learn to protect ourselves and that requires being aware of what we can and can’t tolerate from others and even ourselves.

To protect yourself it is okay to say: no more, too far, too close, and no without explanation.

Be comfortable with making other people uncomfortable when you deny their access, revoke their privilege, or withdraw your energy.


I set healthy boundaries for myself and am disciplined enough to respect the boundaries of others.


9:45 AM


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