9 of Wands

I’m so happy that we’ve completed another chapter.

Now entering a season where we can celebrate our victories and engage in hearty laughter.

This passion is so intense and at this point, I’m so convinced.

That Beloved is giving me what I wished; an opportunity that cannot be missed.

I would be a fool to let you pass, praying that we grow together and our love can last.

So use to the painful crash, learning to forgive myself for some of the decisions of my past.

So thank you for making it clear, that this is indeed the same direction you want to steer.

Can I be the one you come home to? The one you never let go of my Dear?

Leaning to release any fear, that causes me to tear; devastated if again, I could never hear,

The baritone vibrations of your voice that feel my body with cheer.

Pure happiness and bliss, couldn’t sleep at night because of memories which make me sick.

In my ego, I almost drowned, feeling insecure I screamed it loud, because deep in my heart I was always proud.

To be the energy filling your heart and now the mother of your child.

Photographer: Shelby Cherie

Email: freelycherie@gmail.com

Instagram: @_.yungyin

One thought on “9 of Wands

  1. I really like the expression in your poem but I also like the use of rhyme, a skill that is never really given the credit it deserves. Some think it old-fashioned, but I think it can be both romantic and playful 🙂

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