8:32 AM

At last,

The storm has passed,

A new beginning Beloved has cast,

I only hope we continue to move slow but fast,

My first and last,

Finally present,

Welcome to class.

Allow me to reintroduce,

The blessings we continue to reproduce,

All through speaking our truth,

Abundance filling the entire building,

From the ceiling, we rise to the roof.

Such a goof,

We stand in our truth,

Now, physically being the proof,

Allow me the opportunity to boost.

Your Self Esteem,

To me, you are the truth,

To the world, I don’t mean to be a loof,

Because of him, I taste the juicy fruit.

Gum, I’m stuck,

Lucky number seven,

Increasing his luck,

If he knuck, I get buck,

No need to hide what I can no longer tuck,

In the past, it was pretty rough,

I can keep going but I think I’ve said enough.

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