7:20 AM

I never knew genuine love before I met you,

Even across the seas,

It was so fcking hard to forget you.

Breaking your heart, I swear I never meant to,

Let me put the pieces back together,

Just forgive me & I won’t resent you.

The stars aligned for us together,

Decades of time,

Who knew? Me, probably but never.

Even in the desert you make me wetter,

Another woman getting close to you?

Ha, I’ll never let her.

Like a Phoenix,

I continue to rise,

Through triumph,

There’s no surprise,

As the shades of hazel switch behind my eyes,

I continue to grow physically,

Soon we’ll determine what the Universe has surprised.

Two deaths brought us close,

Saying less but doing the most,

Across dimensions,

I’m clearing the coast,

I say I was chosen,

But you’re the one I choose to get close.

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