I have to allow things to flow,

Due to lack of effort, I must let this go,

Regardless of the amount of nourish I provide,

You just refuse to grow,

Dedicated so much energy to this connection,

But the lack of alignment shows.

So maybe this is supposed to be the end?

Over the constant disappointment and I can’t pretend,

That the friend I once knew,

Is aware but you don’t have a clue.

At how genuinely blew,

I am & it’s all because of you.

Constantly on the run,

At this point it isn’t fun,

Releasing this attachment to walk toward the sun,

Since the oven is no longer baking,

Maybe I’m actually not the one.

Cleared my Karma from our past,

Passionate intimacy alone, no way to last,

If this is no longer serving me then Beloved shatter it fast.

Following my Divine,

Resorting to my shrine,

Not afraid to walk away,

Because victory has always been solely mine.

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