Standing front and center,

It’s time to either resist or surrender.

Beloved’s, number one contender,

Which path shall your decision render?

To be or not to be?

To join forces or to roam foolishly free?

Moore I became to Bee.

Empathizing, Spiritually.

I now see, all the best of we could be but your journey is not decided by me.

So, what should it be?

Is now the time to step up to the plate?

Mentally conflicted, so I’m hoping you can relate.

To how open now my fate,

Providing the time but no longer can I wait.

Regardless I still feel so much love,

Too intimate to even trigger hate.

Passion is overflowing,

Abundantly I’m growing,

Fluidly, my blessings flowing,

From under the Moon,

I came out glowing.

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