Reborn, it’s my day of birth,

The feeling of this new beginning,

Feels like my very first day on Earth.

Bushy tail and eyes wide,

Moving in love,

Naive to pride,

But the bigger the ego grew inside,

It left me mentally conflicted & I could not hide.

Uncomfortable with that version,

The one present during the occurrence,

& With an urgency,

I want to express.

Connecting to source, at this time I need to rest.

Now that I’m moving at my best,

Beloved is putting me to the test.

To decide and make it clear,

That I’m so much more faithful,

Releasing the fear.

The path ahead is finally near,

Smiling as the headlights of love shine into my face, now I am dear.

I am ready for this ride,

Laying all burdens and tension aside,

Serving my Highest Good, I increase my stride,

Married to my truth, such a beautiful bride.

Bee Moore, I finally became,

No longer saying things in vein,

No longer feeling heavy with blame,

Prayed for this opportunity to start over, I am ready to develop and change.

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