The Lovers

Aw man,

So many things I’m now aware of,

Answering questions to the confusion for so long I let stand.

You truly have grown to be a man,

But now you must detach,

For our real abundance to hatch,

Finally I’ve met my match,

Same bruise, equally patched,

We both could come out of this winning,

Just batter up and I’ll catch!

Exposing who she was,

Clarifying her class,

I’ve always been his secret stash,

However, the Universe has brought my identity to the light at last.

The Moonlight guides my path,

From the pits of Hell’s wrath,

Moving so calm,

No need to spazz,

Channeling my inner Spirit,

Smooth & sexy like Jazz.

Will you step up or shy away?

No longer leaving my hand hanging,

Back in the game I must play.

Divine has stepped in,

Mirroring you my Twin,

Secure your Masculine within,

Release and allow abundance in.

Do you not see the beauty in this death?

Demolishing the remaining of the toxic we had left,

Removing myself from the shelf,

Positive movement forward,

Bee-ing at my best.

Let’s strategize and rule the world,

Yin and Yang creating a swirl,

Hang on as we give the Wheel of Fortune a twirl,

No longer embodying the little girl.

I was hiding behind,

Now is my time,

To rise and shine,

I am the High Priestess,

Femininely Divine.

Out from my lair,

Beloved heard my prayer,

Shedding the old layers,

Concocting a new flavor.

Aligning with the light,

For myself I have to fight,

So which do you choose?

Left or right?

If you come aboard my flight,

Oh Lover, would you be alright?

Will your arms still hold me tight?

Is this the dream of us you dream at night?

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