I am Bee.

In a bath hitting my bowl,

Deeply into memory lane,

I take a slow stroll.

Realizing the depth of this last troll,

How I got completely out of control,

But Beloved continues to demolish my hold,

On the crusted old mold,

That no longer glows,

Or grows.

Through fear it shows,

Embodying my inner Rose,

Stood my ground as the tower came crashing down,

In my bricks for feet I froze.

Still standing here strong,

Accountability high, I know where I went wrong.

Soften my voice and select the appropriate tone,

A little higher than an aggressive moan,

Survivor mode activated,

I can feel energy rushing through my bones.

Love Jones,

Restart the date,

A new beginning in front of me,

Precisely on time,

It was not even a minute late.

Beloved, screaming thank you in the shower,

As I allow all my power,

To create a massive matter,

Of abundance in front of me.

I surrender,

Back in bounds,

Spiritually strengthened,

Physically releasing pounds,

Focusing all of my attention on my inner vibration,

Can you hear that victory sound?

The gold horn as it blows,

No longer walking on my tippy toes,

From the ashes I rose,

I am grateful for this new beginning,

Smiling tearfully as I watch the final curtain close.

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