Day Two

Triggered to survive,

Only I can keep me alive.

Was physically out the game but now my team can thrive.

Off the bench, pretty soon.

Now it’s time for my Spiritual abundance to bloom.

Extinguishing the gloom remaining in my room,

Singing so out of tune,

The tower was doomed,

& Then BOOM!

My opportunity is reaching and I so eagerly grab it.

Telepathy back on full throttle,

A new beginning I gotta have it.

As soon as I cross the line,

To divide how I genuinely feel inside,

Beloved steps in to kill my pride,

To ignite the Divine that out of fear, I try to hide.

Oh Beloved, I am ready,

Send the spaceship to bring me home,

I surrender & I’m not alone,

I don’t wanna do this on my own,

I am ready to assume the position on my throne.

In my Queendom, I found true peace,

From Karma I’ve been released.

Transcending Higher,

I won’t come down,

I can feel myself gently hovering above the ground,

My thundering heart you hear the sound,

Somewhere I got lost,

But oh Beloved, I have found;


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