Trying so hard to establish a balance.

Fighting the urge within myself to figure you out daily;

That’s the ultimate challenge.

Emotionally the King of Cups,

So I remain humble in my water filled palace.

Awaiting the moment for your stern but heart filled announcement.

I don’t wanna take it personal or feel discouraged.

But your Earth disposition & demeanor,

Sometimes it causes me to worry.

Not even in a hurry to hear you.

Heart sings a tune I’m familiar with, whenever I get near you.

But I fear you,

You hit all of my triggers.

Virgo, so hard but so soft,

So the layout I’ve already figured.


I look just like you.

Constantly battling the Masculine within myself,

Trying to never deny you.

No Emperor in this dimension,

So I sway away from phrases like “defy you”.

I just wanna know what makes you feel so un-fcking-easy,

Or at least try to.

Cinderella we’ve both played,

But Baby right now I’m trusting the process,

I’m trusting my faith.

Allowing Beloved to do Her thing in my dimensional space,

I’m aware that love is a Spirit long journey,

But I’m afraid you’re still running a dead end race.

I study your form in public and private,

Observing& notating all of your reactions.

Not even aware of the series of events,

That could have possibly happened,

It’s not my job to save you,

You’re the Captain of your own ship,

But Baby will you ever be so secure to verbally express what truly happened?

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