I open my heart to understand the pit of my confusion.

Blink my hazel eyes heavily to try to see through all of the illusions.

Heart’s bruising from current trauma,

Rewinding the tape, identifying the members of Team Karma.

Not even long do I even have to ponder,

I’m the only ones holding myself hostage,

No need to even bother.

Because this journey is mine and my fate is only my own.

Releasing the things that have hurt me & moving forward toward my Heavenly Throne.

No longer holding silent grudges against others,

It’s time I mature and I feel I’ve grown.

Shattering cycles that could hinder my children,

So for their sake, the past I’ll gladly leave completely alone.

Therapy sessions, independent.

So vibrant through words, I know you feel it.

The broken place within myself, I had to heal it.

Hot as Hell within my temple,

I had to chill it.

Working against delays,

Standing firm, for better days.

Recounting all the times I cried out and prayed,

Shifting from this Throne,

Transcending Higher, no time to wait.

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