I’m in my feelings,

So I’m back.

Physically drained guess I was feeling off track,

Inconsistencies are starting to stack,

But I need to finally get back on track.

Mind conflicted just as a Woman,

Thought it was down but more is coming.

It’s like the Universe is up to something.

Maybe I’m the one that keeps on running.

Hanging tight,

I cannot let go.

Restricting my time, resisting the flow.

Beloved I feel like this is dimming my glow.

I just wanna remain on the track for my independent show.

I think there’s so much derived in time and effort.

I am a Queen but for time I feel like a Peasant.

No more crossing the line,

Deceived into second guessing,

I guess I’m the only one who values my time,

I’ve learned the lesson.

This cycle seems to have no end,

Remaining solid in my faith,

No longer extending a hand.

The value of time is for the mature,

Constantly running into this conversation makes me feel immature.

Beloved, if you asked me at the moment,

I can say, I’m absolutely sure,

That he doesn’t seem to understand what I value,

If this is his sickness, can I ever be his cure?

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