Learning to deal with my triggers,

Using my Third Eye to see the hidden figures,

Fear of commitment so I figured,

That at some point your intentions I would have to reconsider.

No longer feeling out of place,

Hermit mode and I refuse to chase,

Believing my ears and everything in my face,

Knowing Self Love is a journey when others are running a race.

I could cry & I could scream.

Wouldn’t alleviate the heaviness of the disappointment I feel.

I guess this is what my dreams have been saying,

But it’s starting to feel real.

Confused on if this is just karma,

Strategizing to find the best way to deal.

Emotionally pulling back,

Never folding on my boundaries

Demanding Self Respect,

But I’m only requesting from myself,

Can not depend on anyone else,

I would die holding my breath,

If I depended on any but myself.

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