Listen to me my Dear,

I want to assist you with alleviating all of your fear,

The higher I rise,

I want to compel you near,

But for this lesson to be fully digested,

I need more than just your ear.

Open your heart & let me pour,

I’m so familiar with trauma,

So I’m absolutely sure.

That I possess the Golden ability to heal you & give you Moore,

Because I shattered my own facade & washed upon my own destined shore.

Oh man, you’d be so surprised,

If I could lend you my healed soles and my teary eyes,

So hazel and beautiful,

But blue rivers they’ve cried,

I’ve had my heart shattered and my ego fried.

So even if we cannot connect,

I’m not even asking for any praise or even your respect,

I just want you to never neglect,

Your intuition because without it,

You’ll have nothing left.

I left my facade to chase my dreams,

Now carrying twins,

So loudly I beam,

I went through hell so proudly I sing,

Spiritually gifted amongst a ton of other beautiful things.

So I send you praise & so much joy,

There’s Moore to life & I hope you get to explore,

Securing genuinely happiness is worth the chore,

If I asked you if you are happy,

Would your yes be sure?

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