I crave an intimate connection

I’m a Woman,

So there is a lot of emotion I’m always expecting.

Hand holding & a caring connection,

Mental stimulation & more than a hard erection.

Detached from connections that leave me empty,

The world doesn’t bother me,

So human flesh doesn’t tempt me.

I’m just here to share my glory,

Even if that means shedding light on the dark parts of my story.

Sometimes we must show our wounds,

To prevent other from following the same tune,

But third dimensional,

So ego consumed,

Easy to swoon at the smell of cologne or a hint of perfume.

Bisexual, so I’ve loved both,

But loving myself rendered the ultimate most,

Voted the Best Lover of All Times,

No need to even boast,

Tried to drown the Spirit I am,

Naive that imma mermaid so I float.

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