1:07 PM

Some statements I can’t retract

But I only come here to openly speak facts

Covering my front and hold down the back

Aligning my chakras & getting my energy back on track.

Matter of fact,

Let me explain,

The extent of my pain.

When past lovers left me in the rain & failed friendships I can’t retrain.

No longer working my brain,

Linguistically insane,

A quality I’ll never change

It’s the only way to explain the locks on my chains.

Carrying Twins,

I feel like this year I can only win

From broken to fixed within,

Under pressure I became a GEM.

Oh sinny sin sin,

My Virgo twinny twin twins

Iyana is my first

So let the trio begin.

Our love is everlasting

Exhausted from the spell casting

Preparing for lift off & the blasting

I’m completely yours & I feel so fantastic.

1:11 PM

Come to me my Divine Masculine,

Holding down the fort,

Meeting you at half court,

You have my complete Spiritual support,

Preparing for this mission,

No need to abort.

So sign off on the deed

I come to you with no hope for greed

Allow me to pour into your pot what you need,

I wanna say thank you for planting your abundant seed,

In me

We have everything we need,

Now let’s drift off into the sunshine at a consistent speed.

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