They told me keep ties to those that’s always been close

Favor the family and about face to the foes

As time goes true colors unfold

The ones you believe in cut you so you bleed the most

Mental scars never heal while the physical damage forever shows

I’m Too strong for sentimental staples and sutras

Had to patch my wounds with growth

So I treat blood like water and watch the liquids flow

Watched Gods portray gluttony and greed during family feasts

Speaking of honor living as thieves

Outside of death tell me how to live painless and do away with anguish

Without speaking as if parseltongue was my native native language

It’s a common concept creating a vicious cycle

Planned to beat you instead of join you

But to protect myself I had to live just like you

I’ve been spiteful, held on to dead tensions, sought vengeance, Burnt bridges and hurt feeling to the point where I shouldn’t even mention redemption

But I live in my truth

My existence is canvas

I allow you to paint me as whatever you view

Trust the process is what I was told

Keeping sight on the light

Hoping that my labor’s fruits greet me at the threshold

Chin high as I walk this road

Figuratively I got a grain of salt for each casualty

Physically we live as reflections of each other’s reality

Many might say I’m superstitious

Not sure if I believe in luck or if it works in reverse

But if I can assure it wouldn’t take seven years to snatch us out of this rut

Best believe that mirror would have been struck

Smashed into a thousand pieces

On that day

I’ll stand back looking at the shattered glass

Letting go of any past sorrow and grievance

Realizing that scar stories make life worth living

Making amends

Accepting apologies that were never given.

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