Deliver me,

Surrender me,

Inevitably I did was needed to see.

That higher I had to rise

Cross my T’s

Dot my i’s

Beloved swooped in

& Here I am carrying a beautiful surprise.

Alive I became,

Took so much internal change

Rearranging my brain

Unclogging the drain

No longer feeling pain

I’ve never been the same

Now that I can freely shout your name.

Oh man,

It was such a fcking shame

How I was to blame

For my own defame

& Now Spiritual fame is all I claim

So tamed

Not new to the game

Ascending Higher

Abundance is screaming my name.

In love and I’m open,

Reciprocity was all I was hoping

Praying for all the healing and coping,

Genuinely happy no longer silently choking.

I just hope my daughters are free

Since I became Linguistic Bee,

Telling my tale for the world to see,

That the pain and trauma only made me a strong Bee.

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