Gratitude is my permanent attitude

Learning to find a balance between the sad and the happy mood

To the outer world, I have absolutely nothing to prove

Aligning myself with my future

& They don’t even have a clue.

The path I’ve walked has been traumatic

So I can’t even apologize if at times when I’m triggered, I can be dramatic

Reconditioning myself and I’ve finally learned how to not panic

Libra Sun and Moon, so I can be a lot of forms of manic.

I just want to openly express

The light feeling I feel in my chest

Tossing and turning in prayer,

Sometimes it’s hard to rest

Allowing Beloved to guide me,

Having no idea about what’s next.

Through hardship, I’ve learned to be free

Knowing somethings are out of my control

It’s best to let them be,

Patiently waiting for the results you see,

Aware that’s what’s for me,

Is already for me.

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