I was hoping things would be different

But even with the target so close

He constantly missed it.

Ego is just a beautiful vision

Constantly repeating the same song

& I guess I finally listened.

Once a week, jail visit

The constantly tail chasing was making me dizzy

Sweating from fighting back

Now my hair is all frizzy

Sick to my stomach of being treated unfairly

So I guess it was to start missing.

See I allowed my boundaries to fall

& Under the radar he continued to crawl

When all along I just wanted him to call

Afraid to face the world

& I’m just not happy at all.

No longer singing the sad song

Unprepared for me all along

Questioning my position

Aware I’m not wrong

But now I just sit tearfully and stare at the phone.

Memories of love are fading

So early in the journey,

I’m feeling jaded

So much shit is delayed I’m sick of waiting

Withdrawing my attention

I’m a grown woman

Disgusted at how he can’t treat me like a lady.

So alone we have to be,

My beautiful family,

Has dropped down to three

Temporarily at least,

But this Belle can no longer detain the beast.

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