8:11 PM

Man I just want you to get it

Out the park, I wish you’d hit it

This empty space you can’t even fill it

The layers of my pain, you can’t peel it.

Reel me in, pull me close

Feeling second and irrelevant

Speaking up converts to doing the most.

I’m not even surprised,

I believe my ears and eyes

I really despise

The half ass tries

The salty river of cries

Thinking of how many times the rules should’ve applied.

Oh Beloved please step in,

I surrender, I release it all,

I let you win.

Please take off your shoes & come in,

Feigning for the affection of another is my sin.

Flesh so weak,

Heart built strong

Tallying the marks for all the things I’ve done wrong

No longer doing the most.

Forgive me please,

The faith I have puts me at ease

But I can’t even believe

You continue to tease

& Oh man please!

Every weekend we spin

Causing me to reach within

Grabbing the nearest rail

Turning thin

Hungry for attention

I’ll never win.

Love me in a special way

Can today be that special day?

Universe please take the ego away

It’s causing me too much pain.

I’m trying to not deflect

So I humbly reflect

Limiting the things I expect

Putting myself in check

Gathering my self respect

No tongue just a peck.

Kisses I withdraw

Step aside as I thaw

So sensitive and raw

Being perfectly patient is my only flaw.

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