7:29 AM

Explaining my basic principles

Is starting to feel like a ritual

Causing me to feel it in the physical

Leading to me to my private mystical.

Intuition is screaming loud

Hand on my stomach

To pray over my child

Hoping that Beloved moves the cloud

To free my lover from the wild.

Chained to social cliches

Mirroring my exes delays

Rerun of last season

Out of date – the season is played

Universe please step in

To rest, I shall lay.

The minute I shift my focus

Magic starts to happen

No hocus pocus

I thought I finally found the token

To get the hard case to finally open.

I feel bamboozled to say the least

Arms overextended

I took the reach

& Now I have to attend the speech

Judgement day and it’s time to preach.

To be in love causes constant disappointment

The consistent breaking out of hives

Dying for the secret ointment

Tardy to everything so he missed his appointment

Bending so far back for him,

You’d think I was double jointed.

But as a woman,

I take a stand

No longer lowering the foundation of my security

To allow entrance of another man

So as we part the treacherous waters

You take the sand

As I prepare for a Spiritual take off

So I can conquer the abundant land,


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