I just wanna satisfy you

To see you ultimately happy

That, I’ll never deny you.

When you’re feeling fussy

Baby can I pacify you?

Can I pull you in and hold you close?

Ride your body along the coast?

Spiritual awakened, can I be your ghost?

Everyday is my birthday with you,

At my party can you be the host?

I just love the moments we’re having

I wanna hide you in my intimate cabin

Left hook, you’re constantly jabbing

Beating my guts to death,

Such a passionate stabbing.

Sometimes I can be erratic

But I’m just overly ecstatic

For so many years, I was put up to practice

Now things are unfolding & I’m watching magic happen.

I promise my intentions are pure

If you ask me today, tomorrow, even next year

I’m sure

For us, this physical pain I’ll happily endure

To bare a child with a man I love,

Swaying my hips to the music of this glorious tour.

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