As Beloved as my witness,

I wanna openly request your forgiveness

For everything that I was missing

When at the end we should’ve been kissing.

So much pain between us both

Due to the ego we both had chose

Like a Phoenix, through the ashes we constantly rose

Hypnotized by the way he curls my toes.

Exposed as just as fake,

Grounded in love, never denying the faith

Coming forth to put down whatever deposit it takes

Begging for mercy of the God I serve

Asking for blessings for the bun we bake.

Tower hour painfully showered

Together, we came to power to devour

Can I borrow your attention for another few hours?

Across the chimney I heard the clatter.

Santa Claus leave our abundant gift

Something we both manifested

Please grant our wish

We worked so hard and it finally fits

Been looking for the one,

& I absolutely know he’s it.

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